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Kirti Bhardwaj


Javascript, d3.js, php, html5, css, webpack, svg, react.js, git, parcel.js, jenkins, node


Walmart Labs​ — Software Engineer III (Jan 2019 - Sept 2019)

Used react, redux, electrode and hapi.js to build the fitment widget for raising the ​ ATC​ for auto parts by a significant number. Played an integral role in getting the widget to work on product pages and helped other developers to be an effective part of the team. More about Fitment:

Helped automate the baby Registry backend for the including cache implementation and integrating with cloud configuration management.

fitment widget on product page fitment widget on product page fitment widget on product page

Radiolocus, Mumbai and Bangalore​ — Frontend Developer (May 2015 - Sept 2018)

Lead frontend team while playing a role at intersection of engineering and product. Gained experience in customer centric approach to solving issues related to ​ navigation​, user path​, data analytics and telling a story through data so as to enable users to make informed decisions. Built multiple dashboards and utilities with features such as:

  • D3 based visualizations
  • Code splitting
  • Custom Datepicker utilities, Graphs etc.
  • Custom export utilities
  • Client Based Customizations
  • Complete php layer for authentication, jwt, session management
  • Logging functionality etc.
EatAds, New Delhi​ — Web Engineer (Nov 2014 - Apr 2015)

Worked with a small team of six engineers to build a web and mobile app for outdoor media:

  • Web platform for updating the project/campaign data
  • Dashboard for advertisers to check the progress of campaigns and on different campaign sites
  • Image manipulation
  • Web app and mobile app integration.
Twyst, Gurgaon​ — Developer (Jul 2014 - Nov 2014)

Worked with a small team of four developers to build the web platform of the hyperlocal startup Twyst:

  • Web Platform for Merchants to log in and see their data.
  • Platform for users to discover the places to eat
  • Reward system for each consecutive visit
GetFitGo, Mumbai​ — Senior Web Developer (Apr 2014 - Jun 2014)

Worked with a team of three engineers to develop a social network for fitness enthusiasts with features such as

  • Suggested Friends
  • Leadership Board and Community Boards
  • Closed Groups/Community
  • Automated Sync with devices like fitbit.
  • Utility for installing and updating devices from windows and mac.
SocialProma, Bangalore​ — Tech Consultant, Developer and Writer (Sep 2013 - Apr 2014)

Joined as an intern and later came on board as developer and tech consultant.Major responsibilities included:

  • Writing Tech Blogs and News
  • Developing and designing website and creating wordpress plugins
  • Speed optimization


Get Jugaad

As a part of Lean Startup Initiative by Steve Blank worked on a ridesharing app and platform targeting customers in India. Team was selected as official startup from India giving us an opportunity to pitch to investors in Silicon Valley.Major responsibilities included:

  • Community Building
  • Customer Onboarding and New Customer Acquisition
VirginMedia Dashboard

As a part of team at RadioLocus worked on dashboard for a city based analytics.

SmartCity Dashboard

As a part of team at RadioLocus worked on dashboard for smartcity project by Governement Of India.


University Of London​ — (ECONOMICS) Incomplete
NALSAR​ — P.G.Diploma (IHL) First Class
BRCM — B.E. (Computer Science And Engineering) Honors